Access Programmers - Case Study
Increase in overall conversion rates
Decrease in homepage bounce rate


Name: Access Programmers
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Founded: 1993
Services Leveraged: Conversion Rate Optimization

The Issue

Access Programmers, a Chicago-based and Microsoft-certified IT solutions provider that focuses on application development and building desktop database solutions, had recently redesigned their website when they saw a sudden drop in their leads. Not only had leads began to suffer, but so did the overall performance of their organic visibility, click through rates, and bounce rates. With Access Programmers had reached out to Marcel Digital to come up with a strategy that would not only leads through the website increase, but overall performance of the website as well.

The Research

Marcel Digital jumped right in, deep diving Access Programmer's Google Analytics and setting up heatmap tracking to get a better idea of just how users were using the Access Programmers website. We asked ourselves the important questions:

  • How are visitors using the website?
  • Where are they confused?
  • Are they missing calls to action?
  • Are the calls to action not obvious enough?
  • Why aren't they contacting Access Programmers?

We compiled all of the information we could during our heuristic analysis. We found that the overall navigation of the website was confusing, from finding certain services to how to contact Access Programmers, users were struggling to find the information they needed to reach out to Access Programmers. Here's what the look the navigation looked like when we we started our analysis:



As you can see, the top navigation has a few central issues. For one, it falls into the background and you lose sight of it as soon you come to the page. White text on black backgrounds usually do not catch the eye, or even worse, the eye tends to ignore these types of color combinations. You'll also see that the categorization of the navigation isn't telling of the content it contains and seems a bit confusing at first glance - where do you click?

We then found that once users were on a service or product page that they were trying to find, they had a hard time finding a way to contact Access Programmers. For instance, the only real viable option a user had was to click a "Contact Us" button way over to the right, almost out of view of the user:



However, we found that this was often underutilized or left unnoticed in user videos.


 The Tests & Results


From our research and analysis, Marcel Digital then devised a plan that focused on recategorizing the navigation and would keep users moving through the website to find the services or solutions they were looking for, and also give users an opportunity to contact Access Programmers if need be. Our solution was a clean, organized, and brighter colored navigation:




At the conclusions of this test, from the homepage we saw a 30% decrease in the bounce rate from the homepage. After this test proved successful, we then moved our efforts to internal services pages where leads and form submissions were lacking. We decided to try a form on the right side of the page when the user could fill out their information with privacy and without having to search for the form. Our test began with a new layout that combined these elements:



With this new, easy to see form, the overall conversion rate of the website increased by 51%, resulting in more form submissions and user contacts. By no surprise, users responded to a clear call to action and began to engage the service page forms more than the previous layout. We then implemented this new design and layout which continues to be successful well after it's test. If you'd like to learn more information about this test, or our CRO services, feel free to reach out below!

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