Meet the Team

Jinny Hahn

Office Manager
Jinny Hahn - Office Manager

Jinny has been an office manager for over eight years. Her office management experience ranges from working in both private and public sector environments. She enjoys being the “office mom” and has a fondness for organizing and filing.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family & friends and going to Blackhawks games.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Brisbane, Australia
Favorite Beverage
Favorite TV Show
Embarassing to admit, but any of the Real Housewives shows
Eating Challenge Food
Chips... it's bad when I get near a bag of 'em
Hidden Talent
If I told, then it wouldn't be hidden....
Weird Fact
I love cleaning, particularly washing walls
Fun Fact
I am on a mission to try every ramen joint in the city of Chicago
Something You Hate
Favorite Pastime
Watching my hockey meatball kill it at his games. Proud hockey mom here!
Favorite Restaurant
Favorite Michael McDonald Song
First Concert
I can't remember my first concert but the first memorable one was the Beastie Boys in NYC!
Favorite Nicholas Cage Movie
I have never seen any of his movies....
Most Famous Celebrity Met