About Our Digital Agency

About Our Digital Agency

About Marcel Digital

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Marcel is a digital marketing agency based in the River North area in downtown Chicago. Founded in March 2003, Marcel remains one of the original and most well established digital marketing firms in the United States.

While working at AOL Time Warner, Ben’s boisterous client became fed up with big company bureaucracy, pounding his fists on the desk and demanding to know why he shouldn’t shift his entire budget to Google Adwords. At the time, Ben was only familiar with the corporate relationship burgeoning Google had secured with AOL. However once his client explained that he could purchase advertising with Google where his ads would only run when people were searching and only pay when people were clicking, Ben thought it best to research this new technology.

When the time came to launch their business, Ben and his then business partner asked Marcel if they could name the company after him. He agreed. And continued to pound his fists.


Whether you're looking to develop a new website, gain organic visibility, or convert your website's traffic at a higher rate, Marcel Digital has over 15 years experience in developing progressive digital marketing strategies that focus on your business goals. Take a look at our services below to find what best suits your needs.

Conversion Rate Optimization | Web Development | Search Engine Optimization
Paid Search | Website Analytics


Our main objective is to bring transparency to our client’s digital marketing solutions. We aim to become the catalyst for a successful digital strategy.

We value the following: our team of “A” players, letting data drive decision making, transparency, and brutal honesty. Marcel Digital is an agency that behaves much more like a consultancy.

We are full-stack and responsive. Systems, networking, website development, marketing; we can expand to full service or shrink down and plug into almost any need quickly and easily.

Our Google Analytics Certified Partnership goes beyond individual certifications. It offers Marcel Digital the opportunity to get behind the curtains of Google to better understand their newest technologies, beta opportunities and strategies.

Continuous training is extremely important to our company. We know that technology changes and must be adapted fluidly to fit your goals. You will not find a more technically sound account management team or a more client friendly team of digital strategists.

Behind our awards, certifications and credentials are a group of passionate and talented individuals who care about their work. We pride ourselves in our people and their abilities.


We are located near the corner of Erie and Kingsbury in River North.

Marcel Digital
445 W Erie St, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60654 USA
+1 (312) 255-8044

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