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The Myth of Ranking Number 1 on Google

Thursday September 7, 2017
2017-09-07) There’s a common misconception about SEO for those unfamiliar with the service and how it works. Usually, when one says or hears the letters “S-E-O” they think, “Oh, you get people to rank number 1 on Google". That's not necessarily true...

5 Umbraco SEO Packages You Need Right Now

Tuesday August 22, 2017
2017-08-22) As an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner, Marcel Digital chooses the Umbraco CMS to give our clients the full control and versatility needed to bring their website vision to life.

5 Reasons to Choose Umbraco CMS

Sunday August 13, 2017
2017-08-13) When it's time to choose a CMS for your new website or website migration, it's best to seek control, stability, and versatility with your CMS platform. Here's why Umbraco is the CMS of choice for Marcel Digital and our web development projects.

We're Digital Agency Network's Featured Agency

Tuesday August 1, 2017
2017-08-01) It's been quite the summer for Marcel Digital. From being named a Top SEO Agency by Clutch to celebrating 10 years as a partner of Chicago Lights, we're adding another accolade.

We're a Clutch Top SEO Firm

Thursday July 27, 2017
2017-07-27) In the B2B world, the average buyer is taking a much more pro-active and individualized approach. They turn to search engines, social media, and colleagues to make their purchasing decisions. However,

5 Reasons to Hire a PPC Management Expert

Tuesday July 25, 2017
2017-07-25) A successful PPC or paid media campaign requires research, a well thought out implementation, and constant analysis. What it really requires, is an expert. Here's why...

Changing Lives With Chicago Lights

Wednesday July 19, 2017
2017-07-19) Since 2007, Marcel Digital has been a proud partner of Chicago Lights, an organization brought to life by members of Fourth Presbyterian Church on North Michigan Avenue back in 1964.

5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Professional

Friday July 14, 2017
2017-07-14) There’s a misconception in the marketing world that Search Engine Optimization is something 95% of us can do by simply reading a few articles or books. Truthfully, SEO is better suited for professionals with years of expertise and experience. Here are the reasons why...

8 Ways To Create Content That Converts

Friday July 7, 2017
2017-07-07) Let’s face it - content creation has gotten out of hand. As I pointed out in my article, What Is Content Noise?, content is created at an alarming rate, but there are steps we can all take as content marketers to provide a more valuable experience for our users, resulting in higher engagement rates and, ultimately, conversions.

What Makes a Great Landing Page

Thursday June 29, 2017
2017-06-29) Landing pages are usually the first (and sometimes only) page a user will see after clicking from a marketing campaign. The campaign could be something like paid search, PPC ads, a display banner, or