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Google's Panda 4.0 Update and What It Means

Wednesday May 21, 2014
2014-05-21) There has been conversations the last couple weeks around forums and industry sites about various fluctuations in traffic, both good and bad, and the writings on the walls of an upcoming update.

Why Your Content Probably Stinks

Thursday May 15, 2014
2014-05-15) We’ve all had it beat into our brain about how developing quality content is going to be your saving grace in the ever-changing world that is website optimization, and it’s true.

Google Tag Manager: A Robot That Manages Tags?

Tuesday April 22, 2014
2014-04-22) Well, maybe it’s not a robot in the truest sense of robot. But Google’s Tag Manager product was designed to help marketers change their tracking with ease and flexibility.

Essential Internet Marketing Acronyms

Friday April 11, 2014
2014-04-11) Like many industries, online marketing has its own lingo and jargon that can sound like a foreign language to those not familiar with the field. These acronyms are meant to speed up and streamline the communication of thoughts and ideas related to internet marketing, but what’s the point in using them if the person you’re talking with doesn’t understand them or vice versa?

Why Can't We Be Friends? A Tale of Two Marketing Channels

Thursday April 10, 2014
2014-04-10) We had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to the top of SERPs, we were all going direct the other way. We can all remember the days of keyword insights.

Not Provided: What Do We Do Now?

Thursday March 27, 2014
2014-03-27) I remember the day vividly. September 23, 2013, our friends over at Search Engine Watch posted a blog post that made me gulp. That post headline read Goodbye, Keyword Data: Google Moves Entirely to Secure Search.

"Gentle" Panda Algorithm Update to Help Small Businesses

Tuesday March 25, 2014
2014-03-25) I’ve had a handful of experiences with sites that have been left penalized by the Google Gods, and I can honestly say that it’s not a very fun experience.

Getting In Google's Good Graces

Thursday March 20, 2014
2014-03-20) The big question that everyone has had on their mind since September when it was announced that (not provided) would hit us harder than ever, is “Where do we go now?”

Identifying Conversion Points: It Might Be Harder Than You Think

Tuesday March 18, 2014
2014-03-18) If you owned a website, you probably would want to know what it was doing for you. Heck, maybe you already do own a website and you want to know what it’s doing for you.

Customer Engagement and Why It Matters

Thursday March 13, 2014
2014-03-13) As digital marketing strategists and consultants, I believe there needs to be a fundamental change in the way we are helping clients reach their goals. As digital business partners we have a vested interest in seeing our clients succeed, end of story.