Digital Marketing & Web Development Insights

"Gentle" Panda Algorithm Update to Help Small Businesses

Tuesday March 25, 2014
2014-03-25) I’ve had a handful of experiences with sites that have been left penalized by the Google Gods, and I can honestly say that it’s not a very fun experience.

Getting In Google's Good Graces

Thursday March 20, 2014
2014-03-20) The big question that everyone has had on their mind since September when it was announced that (not provided) would hit us harder than ever, is “Where do we go now?”

Identifying Conversion Points: It Might Be Harder Than You Think

Tuesday March 18, 2014
2014-03-18) If you owned a website, you probably would want to know what it was doing for you. Heck, maybe you already do own a website and you want to know what it’s doing for you.

Customer Engagement and Why It Matters

Thursday March 13, 2014
2014-03-13) As digital marketing strategists and consultants, I believe there needs to be a fundamental change in the way we are helping clients reach their goals. As digital business partners we have a vested interest in seeing our clients succeed, end of story.

But Seriously, What Is a Marketing Strategy?

Tuesday March 11, 2014
2014-03-11) How do you create a marketing strategy? How do you empower your team to create a successful strategy? Learn how to build and maintain a successful marketing strategy using clarifying questions.

Start With a Goal, Then a Strategy: Easier Said Than Done

Wednesday March 5, 2014
2014-03-05) Sometimes discovering what your real goal is more difficult than you might imagine. Follow these simple steps to walk through what you are trying to accomplish, guiding you to a strategy better suited to meet these goals.

The Facebook Like Conspiracy

Wednesday February 12, 2014
2014-02-12) Ever curious where all those Facebook likes come from? If one were to guess, one would probably assume they are from real people that are genuinely excited about a business, service, product, brand, band, or whatever else they want to connect with.