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That Time We Did The Barrel Run

by Kyle Brigham 01 Jun, 2016

Barrel Run 1

When we first saw the bus pull up to the office, we knew it was going to be a good night. After all, none of us had ridden in a barrel before (like most people in the world), and certainly not to some of the best breweries in Chicago. Why not just take a regular bus? Because a regular bus doesn't turn heads. A regular bus doesn't have a tour guide that dresses up in old-timey suspenders. A regular bus doesn't look like a giant barrel of whiskey. A regular bus is boring.

And while the barrel bus certainly got some attention, the delicious local beers got our attention more. Our tour took us from the whimsical hallways of Lagunitas to the gritty, urban warehouse of Goose Island, ending at the hipster hangout of Revolution Brewing in Logan Square. We got to experience some of the best beers in the city with one of the best tours in the city. If you haven't barreled yet, you haven't lived.

Barrel Run 2
Barrel Run 3
Barrel Run 4
Barrel Run 5
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Barrel Run 7
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Kyle Brigham - Director Of Strategy, Marcel Digital

Kyle Brigham

Kyle Brigham is the Director of Strategy at Marcel Digital. He specializes in client services and project management, but also original Nintendo games and ping pong.