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Patrick Attends The Conversion Road Trip In Chicago

by Kyle Brigham 01 Jun, 2015

Patrick Attends The Conversion Road Trip In Chicago

The Conversion Road Trip is a conference focused entirely around advice from leading optimization experts. We've found a significant increase over the past year in folks interested in increasing conversion rates on their websites. Of course, getting traffic to your website is important to getting conversions, but what good are visits if they can't find what they're looking for when they get to your site?

The folks at Unbounce know a thing or two about optimization of landing pages on websites. So much so in fact, that they centered an entire platform around easily creating landing pages to increase your conversion rate. Of course, all of these strategies and tactics can be applied to your entire website, so they created a conference to bring the best information to the best experts in the field. That's where Patrick comes in.

Patrick is one of our resident experts in conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO). He's a leading contributor on Moz.com and will be attending The Conversion Road Trip as a correspondent for the website and Marcel Digital.

We are looking forward to learning from leading experts in the field and bringing back some new tips and tricks for increasing conversion rates across the world! Or maybe just across our customers' websites. Eventually we'll get to the world though.

Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing
Kyle Brigham - Director Of Strategy, Marcel Digital

Kyle Brigham

Kyle Brigham is the Director of Strategy at Marcel Digital. He specializes in client services and project management, but also original Nintendo games and ping pong.

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