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Articles You Should Read: Week Of 1/26

by Kyle Brigham 28 Jan, 2015

Articles You Should Read

Whether it's about the industry, the future of technology, or something we generally think is awesome, here are a few articles that you should read this week straight from our camp to yours.

New Trash Can Feature In Google Analytics

For years, accidentally deleting a property or account in Google Analytics meant tears of horror and many nights of lost sleep for the poor soul that made the mistake. It seems that Google is now attempting to ease your pain by offering up a new "Trash Can" feature that saves deleted data for up to 35 days.  Now you can wipe those tears and go on living your life.

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Articles You Should Read 2

Google Wants Your Feedback On Webmaster Tools

If you are a website owner, you should have Google Webmaster Tools installed on your site. If you don't, do it now. It offers a wealth of knowledge about the health of your website, as well as data that can help you make improvements to your website and increase your user experience. Now, Google is asking for the public's opinion on how to make it even better. Don't miss your opportunity to send Google your comments and concerns, straight from the streets.

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Articles You Should Read 3

Why Building Quality Links Is Not Cheap

Years ago, building links was actually a fairly simple process. Find a site you wanted to be listed on and ask for a link. It was so easy in fact, that many of the processes could be automated (generally for less savvy SEO companies.) Nowadays, quality link building is an integral part of an SEO campaign. But adding the human element to finding and implementing high quality links adds time and effort. In this article from Search Engine Watch, Julie Joyce outlines the reasons building quality links can be so expensive.

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Articles You Should Read 4
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Kyle Brigham - Director Of Strategy, Marcel Digital

Kyle Brigham

Kyle Brigham is the Director of Strategy at Marcel Digital. He specializes in client services and project management, but also original Nintendo games and ping pong.

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