This week's articles are all about the buzz and dread of the Google Mobile Algorithm Update (or GMUA as I like to call it which doesn't have any sort of ring to it at all.)  See what's going on in the world of mobile this past week with our article round-up!

1 Day After Mobilegeddon: How Bad Is It?

While many websites might not have immediately been affected by the algorithm update on April 21, you can rest assured that this will continue to be a gradual rollout. This means that if you have not addressed your mobile experience as of yet, you should stop reading and start talking to your web folks. This article from Moz gives the state of the industry as it stands today, but promises to be updated as more information becomes available.

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Obvious Jump In Mobile-Ready Sites Over Past Month

Google has gone on record as saying that mobile websites have jumped almost 5% in just two months after the announcement of the mobile algorithm update. We honestly would have thought that number would be much higher, but I guess not everyone has the ability to make changes to their websites as quickly as others (or they just refuse to heed the warnings.)

Either way, mobile is continuing to rise and that number will only continue to grow in the coming months.

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Official Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Update FAQ

Generally, Google keeps its updates close to the chest by secretly releasing to the public and letting you sort of figure out if you've been affected or not.  They have stated that they plan on gradually rolling out algorithm updates so as to keep the changes dynamic and changing constantly.  With the mobile update, they not only flat out told everyone it was coming (along with a very specific date), but they even answered some of the public's most pressing questions on their Webmaster Tools blog. Check out the full FAQ in the link!

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