This week is all about Google. Google comes up with a new "truth-seeking" algorithm, our favorite Analytics expert explains the magic of Universal Analytics, and Google gets closer to thinking just like your brain all round up this weeks articles to read.

Google Developing "Truth-Seeking" Algorithm

When you enter a search query, Google is trying to provide you with the best information possible.  That includes information that is both informative and truthful. If you have a reputation for publishing speculation and gossip, you might not be meeting the needs of the consumer. That's why Google is currently developing a new addition to the algorithm that might be able to distinguish between the two. It wants to get to the TRUTH.

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Google Analytics Expert Explains the Magic of Universal Analytics

If you're still scratching your head when you see the words "Universal Analytics", it's about time you learned the magic from the expert. Check out this comprehensive post that runs you through all of the burning questions you still have.

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Google Getting Closer to Thinking Like Your Brain

Google has done extensive research in the way your brain works to make its search engine a lot more like your thinking process - and they are making HUGE improvements. Learn how some of their top experts are developing new systems to bring things one step closer to your thought processes.

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