10 SEO myths from an expert, Internet Explorer is no longer, and the controversial .sucks domain are all on the list of articles you should be reading this week. From our camp to yours!

10 SEO Myths From an Expert (And Why They Make Him Mad)

It's true there are many myths floating around out there about SEO. Organic search is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date on the latest information can be cumbersome for those not in the industry.  Listen to one of Moz's community contributors run through the top myths swirling around SEO.

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Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer

If you're one of the few people that still religiously uses Internet Explorer (possibly right now as you read this), the time's are a-changin'. Microsoft has officially announced that they will be discontinuing services for the inferior web browser and will be moving on to a new successor codenamed "Project Spartan". It might finally be time for you to start saying your goodbyes to IE and move on to Chrome like the rest of the cool kids.

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Brands Beware: The .Sucks Domain Is Coming

Imagine you're a big brand with historically consistent customer service issues. Now imagine your name in front of a .sucks domain with the potential to rank right next to your site in the search results. It's not really the best scenario one can imagine. And if you want to avoid that PR nightmare, it's going to cost you. Lots of dollars if the owners have it their way.

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