Persistent SEO questions answered, how to write an awesome blog post, and steps to justifying mobile usability are all on the list for articles you should be reading this week.

Subdomains vs. Subfolders and How to Structure Links for SEO

The Moz Blog always does a great job of diving deep into SEO for professionals to keep up with shifts in the SEO environment. Their "Whiteboard Fridays" always provide excellent information that is worth watching.

This week, Rand Fishkin dives in to a couple of burning questions that continue to be asked by webmasters the world over:

  1. Should I put my content on a subdomain or in a subfolder on my site?
  2. How do I structure my links for maximum SEO benefit?

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How to Write an Awesome Blog Post

Writing an amazing blog post isn't as easy as it seems. Sure you could write some words on paper (or digital paper in this case), but not everything we write is interesting. While I like to think that every thought I have is something worth holding on to, the truth is great posts are built with research, thought, and foresight.

This article wraps up some of the steps necessary to create a powerful blog post.

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Justifying Mobile Usability & SEO in 2015

If you haven't even thought about mobile usability for your website, you have a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately, getting to a mobile-friendly website isn't necessarily difficult if you have the right tools.  However, many website owners avoid mobile upgrades for one reason or another. This article gives you a handful of reasons why you should be justifying a move to mobile awesomeness.

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