Figuring out how to gauge how you are doing on content, a complete guide to SEO stuff you should think about when launching a site, and one of the most comprehensive competitive analysis articles we've seen in a while top the list for articles you should be reading this week!

How to Conduct a Content Audit On Your Site

With the latest algorithm updates and how it affects your website, you should really be focusing in on your content. Seeing how well your content works with your customers and what content you should be developing is an important part not only to your engagement, but also potentially for your rankings.

This article from Marketing Land focuses on auditing your content to determine how to make actionable changes.

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SEO Timelines to Think About When Launching a Site

If you've ever been through a development project, you know that you need to really be thinking about your SEO during the whole process. A new website launch has the potential for very good things and very bad things at the same time. There are right times to consider SEO that you should have on your horizon, and this article does a great job of laying them out.

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Crush It With Competitive Data Analysis

One of the easiest ways to come up with a successful online strategy is to look at your most successful competitors and develop a strategy around what they are doing right. If you're able to harness this information and push it a step further, you'll have the potential to be a real player in your digital space. However, analyzing this information can be a long, arduous process. 

One of our favorite analytics guys, Avinash Kaushik from Google, has come up with an extremely comprehensive post on how to do just that. It's long, but it's worth it!

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