The difference between writing for a robot and writing for your readers, the importance of information architecture on your site, and how paid media investments can bring you value are all on the list for articles you should be reading this week.

Google Opens Submissions for Annual Science Fair

As if Google didn't have enough awesomeness going around, each year they open their doors to aspiring creators from around the world to compete for a number of prizes in a number of categories.  The goal is to create something amazing (last year's winners created a new type of bacteria that speeds up the growth of crops...and they were 16 years old.) So yeah, get your resumes out.

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The Importance of Information Architecture

Information architecture is essentially the order in which your site is laid out. If you were to lay your site out in an organized fashion, what would that look like? Lots of times, website owners place more importance on the design than the information architecture. However, users are finding more and more that the flow of the website and the ease in which they can complete tasks is inherently more important than simply the design. Marketing Land outlines the facts behind why you should be looking at it a little more closely.

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Proof that Paid Media Can Bring More Value Than You Think

Lots of times paid media can seem like money out the door with not a ton of value. Especially if you are looking specifically at leads or conversions. However, this post from shows us some other benefits that are inherited from utilizing paid media. Who would have thought that paid media could lead to long-lasting relationships?

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