Did you know that 80 percent of SEOs think they should be working “more” or “much more” closely with writers and marketing team members?

Google recently announced search will help users find in-depth articles, not just basic information. Just following basic on-site SEO best practices will not be enough. This could make for rocky relationships between content writers or strategists and SEOs, but a recent Conductor survey finds that brands want these two approaches to come together as a happy couple. Content marketing is getting exciting for creative teams.  

Here are a few recommendations noted in a recent Google blog post:

  • Use schema.org “article” markup
  • Provide authorship markup
  • Create compelling in-depth content

Conductor surveyed 50 search marketers about which department should have control over digital content and found that the majority (43 percent) of respondents believe it should be overseen by a dedicated content creation team. Another 41 percent said it should fall under the marketing umbrella while just 14 percent think SEOs should be responsible for online collateral.

All parties involved think it’s best for the content creators to apply their editorial prowess predominantly; yet SEO heads don’t want to take their hands completely off the wheel. Nearly 80 percent of SEOs think they should be working “more” or “much more” closely with writers and marketing team members to ensure that all branded contain is optimized for maximum search visibility. This can be a productive partnership if all parties bring their expertise to the table.

Collaboration between the SEO team and content creators is becoming a high priority across organizations. At the same time, search marketers don’t think the best place for content to live is under the umbrella of SEO. Collaboration between the marketers and the SEOs will yield the best possible visibility for content in the search results.

Think about your organization’s current level of collaboration between content teams and your more technical SEO teams. This will only help your organization’s content perform better in the search results.