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Theron Lalla


Theron Lalla Director Of Operations, Marcel Digital

Theron has been in the digital marketing space since moving from sunny Miami to Chicago starting first on the account side then quickly transitioning into the project management side. As a systems-oriented operations professional, his experience and focus is on translating strategy into tactics, articulating the big picture, and organizing teams to get things done. He has a deep appreciation for meaningful, well-designed and well-communicated insights, and always enjoys an opportunity to play in Excel and databases.

Outside of Marcel, Theron enjoys learning, exploring, and traveling.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Still figuring that out
Favorite Beverage
Jack & Coke - or a really well-made Old Fashioned from Wildfire
Favorite TV Show
The Office
Eating Challenge Food
In Chicago? Chicken Wings. In Miami? Doubles (it's a Trinidadian street food)
Hidden Talent
I'm a pretty good drummer
Weird Fact
Thanks to a physical therapist Mom, I'm pretty good at massage and own a massage table
Fun Fact
I get punched in the face for fun. Which is to say, I box, but only decently well
Something You Hate
Chocolate Chip cookies that turn out to actually be OATMEAL RAISIN
Favorite Pastime
Telling terrible jokes
Favorite Restaurant
Depends on the cuisine, but the one place I always try to visit when I'm home is Caribbean Delite in Miami. Great, now I have cravings.
Favorite Michael McDonald Song
I Heard it Through the Grapevine
First Concert
Linkin Park
Favorite Nicolas Cage Movie
Leaving Las Vegas
Most Famous Celebrity Met
Never really saw the big deal about celebrities. I stood in line behind Hulk Hogan at a fast food restaurant once, but didn't really feel like our mutual cravings for a $0.39 cent cheeseburger warranted a conversation. Sorry for being #grumpycat on this question.