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Katrina Stegmann

SEO Manager

Katrina Stegmann SEO Manager, Marcel Digital

Katrina was born and raised in St. Louis, MO, going on to attend the University of Miami in Florida where se was a pre-law major with a minor in both Spanish and French. As life goes, she became enthralled by digital marketing, ended up not using any of her degrees, and pursued a career in SEO - she can't imagine herself in a different industry now. 

In her spare time, Katrina is an avid runner, reader, amateur chef, Spotify playlist curator, and animal lover.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Barcelona or Austin
Favorite Beverage
Milk, specifically 2% organic COW milk. Please do not bring up oat/almond/soy milk to me, they are all charlatans.
Favorite TV Show
What We Do in The Shadows
Eating Challenge Food
Slurpies or anything cold since I don't get brain freezes.
Hidden Talent
Cracking two eggs at the same time using my left and right hand.
Weird Fact
I started an all female Pickleball Club in St. Louis for high schoolers in the area.
Fun Fact
I love animals and have owned 10 different pets (cat, dog, hamster, hedgehog, parakeet, parrot, hermit crab, bearded dragon, koi fish, snake).
Something You Hate
Pruney fingers - like after you have been in water. I will take baths without letting my hands get wet.
Favorite Pastime
Rollerblading on a sunny day/reading on a rainy day.
Favorite Restaurant
Hibachi at any place.
Favorite Michael McDonald Song
First Concert
Vampire Weekend
Favorite Nicholas Cage Movie
National Treasure
Most Famous Celebrity Met
Gronk at a pool party in Miami