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Dan Muller

Digital Content Manager

Dan Muller

Dan has worked in content marketing since 2015. He has a passion for finding creative and data-informed solutions through writing and tech. Prior to establishing a digital marketing career, Dan worked as a freelance writer where he built a strong foundation as a storyteller. Connecting brand personality to digital assets is the core tenet of his approach. He has a proven track record of helping organizations grow their brand via digital content, engagement, and SEO best practices.

Outside of work, Dan enjoys going to concerts/sporting events and making pizzas. He tries to prioritize fun.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Outer Banks, NC
Favorite Beverage
Orange Juice
Favorite TV Show
Joe Pera Talks With You
Eating Challenge Food
Hidden Talent
I can throw a football pretty well
Weird Fact
I believe in vibes, energy, big foot, aliens, modern medicine, etc.
Fun Fact
I co-produced an independent comedy show for three years
Something You Hate
Negative attitudes
Favorite Pastime
Favorite Restaurant
Longman & Eagle
Favorite Michael McDonald Song
Takin' It To The Streets (strange question though)
First Concert
Favorite Nicholas Cage Movie
Most Famous Celebrity Met
Marc Maron