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Charlotte Allen

Administrative Assistant

Charlotte Allen

Charlotte’s background is a mix of all things art and design with administration experience. After working as an office manager and executive assistant for a wealth management firm for several years, she went back to school to study graphic design. She then worked as a designer at America’s Test Kitchen in Boston before moving to Chicago where she is now combining her strengths at Marcel Digital as an Administrative Assistant.

In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys cooking, watching Netflix and exploring her new city of Chicago.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Anywhere warm with the ocean
Favorite Beverage
Non-alcholic: water (not joking) Alcholic: any fruit forward cocktail
Favorite TV Show
Schitt’s Creek / New Girl / Parks and Rec
Eating Challenge Food
Most chips
Hidden Talent
Weird Fact
Every time I get tan, a thin white line appears across my nose
Fun Fact
I lived in Australia for 6 months where I ate Kangaroo
Something You Hate
Carelessness / thoughtlessness
Favorite Pastime
Exploring new recipes
Favorite Restaurant
Anywhere with crispy Brussel sprouts
Favorite Michael McDonald Song
Who is this!?!?
First Concert
Kenny Chesney at Gillette Stadium
Favorite Nicolas Cage Movie
The Croods...just kidding. The Rock
Most Famous Celebrity Met
I don’t think I’ve ever met one but I literally ran into John Krasinski and Emily Blunt at the Nutcracker in Boston